Healthier Masculinities Volunteer

The Healthier Masculinities Program was created to engage men and masculine-identified people in sexual violence prevention and to foster a culture of healthier masculinities on the UBC campus. We take a multi-pronged approach to this mandate, hosting informal discussions, free educational programs, outreach materials, events, and more. To accomplish this, we’re looking for volunteers with diverse skills and experiences to help engage our community.

This position is open to all students. We especially encourage men and masculine-identified students to apply!

Healthier Masculinities volunteers are expected to commit to at least 6 hours per month, plus a two-hour meeting on the first Monday of each month for additional training. All volunteers will be part of a specific team, described at the bottom of this page. Volunteers will also be expected to do one outreach boothing shift per month, and be available for our training and meetings.

You can read the volunteer application, training, and meetings schedule here

Please contact with any questions or concerns.


  • Current UBC student
  • Passionate about changing campus culture and sexual assault prevention
  • Willing to learn more about sexual assault, consent and how they intersect with gender in our university
  • Keen on raising awareness on campus about sexual assault
  • Comfortable working within a team
  • Can commit to all training sessions, meetings, and educational opportunities
  • Empathetic, non-judgmental and anti-oppressive


  • Education and training on leadership, anti-oppression, sexual assault, consent and a wide variety of other topics
  • Meeting and volunteering with like-minded peers who are also interested in raising awareness about gender and sexualized violence
  • Team building and self-care activities
  • Meals provided at volunteer training and meetings
  • Volunteer appreciation event
  • A letter of reference upon successful completion of the SASC volunteer requirements, provided at the discretion of your supervisor

Position Requirements

  • Attendance at all of our volunteer meetings and volunteer training opportunities
  • Contribute a minimum of 6 hours per month towards outreach
  • Active collaboration in your volunteer team.
  • Optional opportunities to co-facilitate workshops on masculinity and consent at UBC

Applications are now open!

Please review the information above and below and apply by clicking here.

Applications will close on September 8th, at 11:59PM.

If you are under 19, please have a guardian fill out our Liability Form before your interview.

For questions, please email

When you apply for a position with Healthier Masculinities, please choose a team to work with. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the coordinator if you need help finding the right team for you. Placement will also be discussed in the interview, but we request that you take some time before the interview to reflect on which team fits you, your skills, and your goals best.

Outreach Team 

Responsible for researching, developing, and coordinating outreach materials that achieve our goals. Includes branding, messaging, targeting, and content creation.

This committee is good for those with an interest in pursuing marketing, communications, and community engagement; those with a strong language skills; and those interested in addressing the average student. 

Let’s Talk Team

Responsible for coordinating, potentially recruiting speakers for, designing short presentations for, promoting, and helping to run discussion events.

HM will provide food in the Nest and host informal discussion around masculinity and a certain topic (mental health, body image, sexuality, childhood, media, etc.). In the past, we have decided on topics, done research, and developed a set of questions and discussion topics, which volunteers on this team facilitate during the event.

We have space booked for the evenings of October 21st, November 25th, January 27th, February 24th, and March 30th. All of these dates are Mondays. Volunteers on this team are expected to commit to attending these dates.

Good for those who are interested in diving deeper into masculinity issues; those with strong skills in event coordination, planning, and communication; and those who develop their leadership, facilitation, and public speaking skills in an informal environment.

Workshop/Events Team

This group is responsible for planning and running Healthier Masculinities’ events and workshops, including the annual Come Together event in 2020.

Depending on capacity, volunteers on this team might want to launch their own original events. This could be a film screening, a formal lecture, an outing, a conference, a poetry slam – this is entirely open to the ideas of the volunteers.

This team may also have opportunities to do workshops and presentations, usually co-planning and co-facilitating with the coordinator.

Good for those who want to build and engage communities; those who want to develop new and out-of-the-box approaches to masculinity work; and those with interest or experience in event planning and peer-to-peer learning. Moreso team-based than independent.

Questions? Email the coordinator at