The Sexual Assault Prevention Team

The SASC is passionate about being involved with initiatives and projects that aim to enhance the provision of support, education, and advocacy to the campus community regarding sexual violence. One of the projects the SASC is involved in is UBC’s Sexual Assault Prevention Team.  The Sexual Assault Prevention Team (SAPT) is dedicated to promoting awareness, and fostering a campus environment that supports survivors in non-judgmental, compassionate and respectful ways.



The SAPT has created an Education Plan that outlines its goals and the efforts it will make to meet those goals. The SAPT has undertaken initiatives in the forms of campaigns, workshops, training and events to meet its goals. Some example of the work include the Consent Campaign; Sexual Assault Awareness Month; SASC’s Healthier Masculinities Program , and Responding to a Disclosure of Sexual Assault workshop



To read more about the work of the SAPT and its initiatives, please visit this page or read the SAPT’s Education Plan




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