Student Sex Work Information and Resources

The AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) recognizes that there is a growing population of student sex workers attending UBC and that there are limited resources specific to their needs. The SASC is here to support student sex workers and believes that all students have the right to be safe in all areas of their life, including their place of work, which can often be a unique and isolating experience for sex workers.

The SASC recognizes that on campus conversations around sex work often focus on victimization and trafficking, which does not reflect all student sex workers lived experiences. It is important to note that there are different levels of choice that come with sex work and that populations such as women, people of color, Indigenous women, trans folks, people who use drugs, and international students might experience differing levels of choice and autonomy while engaging in student sex work.

Our support staff takes a harm reduction approach and is available to student sex workers who are seeking support on campus. Some services we can provide are: a connection to legal services, emotional support, access to student health services, planning class schedules around non-traditional work hours, how to deal with non-consensual disclosures of sex work, exiting strategies, how to come out to students and professors (if you want to), and much more!

If you are a current or past student sex worker and would like to organize events around safety and awareness for student sex workers, please contact our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator at nourkachouh[at]

Resources in Vancouver:

PACE Society

Pivot Legal Society

Wish Drop-in Centre

Online Resources:

St. James Infirmary

Scarlet Alliance

BC Coalition of experimental communities