All Security On Campus

Emergency Services | 911. Tell them “UBC Detachment”

UBC RCMP and Victim Services | 604 244 1322
If reporting, the SASC can accompany you, or have the officers come to the SASC office.

Campus Security | 604 822 2222 or use a Blue Phone
Google: UBC Blue Phone to see locations of all Blue Phones to familiarize yourself. Campus security can escort you safely to where you are going.

AMS Safewalk | (604) 822-5355
Two volunteers will escort you to your location – 9pm-2am. All requests after 2:00am are taken  by Campus Security.

AMS SASC | Use “safety buddies” including SASC workers who you can walk with, or check in with you once you get to your destination safely.

TransLink Community Shuttles | For transit schedules or trip information, call 604.953.3333
68 UBC Exchange/Lower Mall
UBC Exchange/Wesbrook Mall
Both routes run every 30 minutes and stop at signed bus stops:
The N17 is the only night bus from campus and departs from 2:09am until 3:56am. 

Emergency Taxi Off Campus
| Call a taxi company and request a pickup. Request a taxi receipt that indicates fare paid, not including tip. Submit the original receipt along with a completed application form to:
Emergency Ride Home Program, c/o Transportation Planning, 2260 West Mall, CIRS, Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z4. For application form, UBC Emergency Ride Home

UBC Urgent Care | 2211 Wesbrook Mall, (604) 822-7121, Urgent care: 604.822.7662
Access urgent care 8am-10pm or ask for the Sexual Assault Service. Call SASC for accompaniment: 604-827-5180.

RCMP tip lines | 778.290.5291 or 1.877.543.4822

Emergency such as flood, blackout, leaks | Call 604.822.2173