Healthier Masculinities Program

The SASC  launched the  Healthier Masculinities Program in 2015.  The program is designed to encourage male identified and masculine presenting students to get involved in creating an awesome, safe and caring community. The  Healthier Masculinities Program is a multi-faceted project, which promotes healthier masculinities, healthy relationships and work towards gender based violence prevention on the UBC Vancouver campus.

The project’s goal is to eradicate the damaging stereotypes that society teaches us about masculinity, about what it means to be masculine. This can include engaging in discussions on mental health, gender stereotypes, incarceration rates, privilidge and sexuality. This program aims to provide space for folks to engage in these conversations through educational programming, social media campaigns and ongoing learning and unlearning.


Our mission statement is to educate and empower student on the UBC Vancouver campus by promoting a culture of healthier masculinities.  


Our guiding principles include:

  • Working from an anti-oppressive and intersectional lens
  • Acknowledging privilege and positionality
  • Promote open, safer spaces to discuss and express various forms of masculinity
  • Establish participant driven learning while safely and strategically challenging negative behaviour
  • Broaden the community of understanding by engaging in topics and activities outside of masculinity
  • To develop a broad, diverse, inclusive, friendly, consistent and inspiring community
  • Critically acknowledge, utilize, and challenge gender social constructs
  • Strive to embody healthy expressions of masculinity

If you want to know more about the program or get involved please check out our Healthier Masculinities Volunteer Program or email